Airwatch on a Mac 001 – Savage just savage

So I have been working on installing and configuring VMWare Airwatch on a Macbook Pro running macOS High Sierra.

 In the process of configuring the profiles I ended up really messing up the GUI, and things did not look right.

 I have quite a bit of experience using AirWatch on mobile devices (phones and tablets) but I had never done it on a mac.

So I figured what the heck, let’s give it a go.

After messing things up I decided to test the device wiping feature which I figured would behave much like the phone.

 I was wrong, not only did it wipe the OS, but it corrupted the volume so I could not reinstall without deleting the volume.

 This was my first try at this so as I continue this further I will post updates but sheeh, that is rough.

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