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vCenter 7.0: No healthy Upstream Server

I was doing some maintenance on several vCenters last week. I discovered that when a vCenter gets powered off and back on the webpage will display No Healthy Upstream Server.

What happened

Part of our process when working on a vCenter is do to an offline snapshot prior to making any changes. After the snapshot was completed, I powered up the appliance. We power the VCSA appliance up and are presented with that message when going to the vCenter URL.

I was able to get to the VAMI webpage, by going to https://vcenterserver.domain.local:5840. But I was not able to log in with AD credentials. I needed to use the root credentials for the vCenter appliance to log in.

I checked the services tab in the VAMI interface and found that most the the services that were stopped.

This is also the reason why I couldn’t login with my AD Credentials. THis is because the service responsible for it is stopped.


After opening a case with VMware support, it has been determined that it is a known issue / bug in vCenter 7.0. The work around for the solution is to stop all the services in vCenter via the Command line and start all the services to bring everything back up.

You might think that starting the services manually will solve the issue. However just as with most modern systems, there is alway a proper startup order. While you might get lucky in turning them on, it is best to let the system handle it on it’s own.

The Workaround

As mentioned above the solution is simple. You need to SSH into your vCenter and log in as root. If for some reason your vCenter has SSH disabled, you will need to enable it from the VAMI > Access > SSH login.

Once you are logged in type the following


to enter into the BASH prompt.

cd /bin

To change directory to the /bin directory

service-control --stop --all

This will stop all services which is necessary to make sure all the services are stopped and can be started in the right order. The process cannot be stopped so you will need to be patient

service-control --start --all

This will start all the services in the correct order. This process also cannot be stopped so you need to be patient.

Once completed you should be able to refresh your web browser for the vCenter screen and the login screen will appear.

You can read more about restarting services here.


I hope you found this post helpful and I hope to update if when/if I get an update that the issue is resovled. Please share this post with others if you found this helpful. Also check out some of my other articles about Virtualization.

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