Airwatch on Mac 002 – Bricking the Macbook

In my previous post I mentioned about how Airwatch destroyed the OSX volume on my test Macbook Pro. Just encase you were wondering what steps I took to do this with Airwatch I have decided to document the process for you here.

First, while logged into Airwatch you will need to find the device you are looking to wipe.

Click on the device name to be brought to the details window.

 Click on more in the upper right hand corner and go to wipe device.

 Enter a description of why you are wiping the device and click continue.

Then enter and unlock pin. This is used to unlock the device after wiping it (encase the device has been lost or stolen) and then enter your security pin to authorize the device wipe. Once the pin number has been entered the signal is sent to the Macbook and the wipe begins almost immediately.
I will be documenting and posting the Resurrection of this Macbook Pro in a later post.  

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