Philly VMUG Meeting Recap

On May 16th Philly VMUG held it’s first meeting of 2019. The meeting was at the Dave and Busters on Delaware Ave in Philadelphia and it was very well attended.

We has 3 presenters:




Since we had so much interest in out event, we decided to create a YouTube Channel to showcase our speakers and to help get their message out. You can click on the links above to view the videos or click on the link below to view our YouTube channel where you can subscribe and stay notified on what is going on with our local VMUG Community.


Philly VMUG has scheduled it’s first meeting of 2019

Hey guys, as you all know I am a VMUG Leader for Philadelphia (AKA Philly VMUG) and I am very excited to announce that we have our first meeting of 2019.

This being the first meeting that I am involved in with scheduling and setting up, I am very excited to see the outcome.

To learn more about VMUG click on the link here.

To learn what a VMUG Leader is Click here.

If you are interested in attending out meeting click on this link to register.