SSL Certificate Template not showing up on Active Directory Certificate Services web page

In a previous Post I mentioned an issue that I had with a Certificate template on my Internal Enterprise CA not showing up when I tried to request a certificate.

After doing some digging I discovered that I had it set the template to “Build from this Active Directory information” when it should have been “Supply in the request” to make it show up in the list. 
So what you need to do is open the Certificate Template Console on your CA, and double click on the template that you need to have show up. Go to the “Subject Name” tab you will see this

Select Supply in the request and click OK.
If the template is already being served on your CA you will need to Delete it from the Certificate Template folder and re-add it in the same folder. 

Lync 2013 – Internal Certificate issue.

Over the last week I have been working on a certificate issue with Lync 2013. This has effected mobile clients and remote Windows and Apple machines. After Checking the event log on my Lync Front End Server I discovered that I was getting event log errors like this:

And as you can tell from the next picture they were showing up pretty regularly.

So I started googling and I found a few articles online and discovered that this is a known issue that MS Support is aware of but has not permanent fix. They are only offering workarounds at this time. The first one that I found said that the problem is caused by .NET Framework 4.6 and 4.6.1 being installed at the same time and required adding a registry key of the Front End Server which looked like this:


This actually made things worse as it doubled the amount of errors I was getting in the event log.

So I moved on to this lovely technet article I found which worked for me and after reading it I discovered why the first method did not work.

 You see because I did not install Lync in the standard location (meaning the C: Drive) the registry key fix would not work. I actually ended up having to regenerate my internal certificates and modify my CA to issue a new certificate template which merges the Webserver Client and Server template.

I am not going to go into further detail on this as the above URL fixed my issue and has very good step by step instructions. I will however probably do a follow post on what happened when I tried to issue a certificate with that template the first time and what I had to do to fix that issue.