How to get rid of Certificate Errors on ESXi hosts

Recently I have been spending a lot of time on the VMware Community forums just reading posts and helping out where I can. One of the threads that I helped out with had to do with how you can get rid of the pesky SSL Certificate error message you get every time connect to an ESXi host. 
To resolve this issue you will need to add the Root Certificate for the ESXi host (the Certificate of the server who issued the certificate for the ESXi host) into the Trusted Certificate Authority Folder on your machine. 
To start you need to go to the web page for the ESXi host 
You will notice a few thing, first of all, I used an ESXi 6.0 host that I had in my lab and secondly you will see the RED background color in the address bar. You will need to click on the Certificate Error message as seen in the next picture.
From there you will get this pop up message
Click on View certificates to see the Client Certificate which is assigned to the host. You will then this the Certificate popup.

You will need to click on Certificate Path to see the CA

From here you will see all the Certificates in the Chain, in this case there are only 2

Click on the root certificate ( the one on the top of the chain) and click the View Certificates button to be able to see the certificate attributes. 

A new Certificate window will open and you can click the Install Certificate Button to install it on your machine

This will open the Certificate Import Wizard.

You will need to click the Local Machine radio button and click next.

Select the Place all certificates in the following store

 Click the Browse button to select where the certificate should be saved.

Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click OK

Click Next to Continue

Click Finish to exit the Wizard

You will then get this pop-up message, click OK to continue.

Click OK again

and click OK one more time

 Then close out your Web Browser, reopen it and go back to the web page and you will no longer have red bar going across the screen.

 I hope you find this helpful, I have a few more articles in the pipeline and I am working on getting out soon.

SSL Certificate Template not showing up on Active Directory Certificate Services web page

In a previous Post I mentioned an issue that I had with a Certificate template on my Internal Enterprise CA not showing up when I tried to request a certificate.

After doing some digging I discovered that I had it set the template to “Build from this Active Directory information” when it should have been “Supply in the request” to make it show up in the list. 
So what you need to do is open the Certificate Template Console on your CA, and double click on the template that you need to have show up. Go to the “Subject Name” tab you will see this

Select Supply in the request and click OK.
If the template is already being served on your CA you will need to Delete it from the Certificate Template folder and re-add it in the same folder.