Home Automation Services

Have you ever walked into your local big box electronic store and seen their Home Automation Section and thought wouldn’t that be nice? How about your local cellular or cable TV Store and had a sales person try to talk you into a Home Automation setup but got scared by the monthly price tag to have them manage it? Maybe you are afraid of opening your home to the security risks that you hear every day in the media?

We believe that home automation should not just be for the people who are techie enough to understand it. We want to take the burden off of you having to set up and manage your smart devices so you can reap the benefits. We will work with you to come up with a Home Automation Solution that will work for you, will be secure, and be simple for you to use.

KenBShinn LLC has entered into partnerships with some of the largest renowned Home Automation manufacturers. Not only are we able to help you to get your smart home configured, but you’ll be able to purchase your smart devices directly through us.

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