Clients are not receiving emails from Exchange

So I had a client call in today and say that they are not receiving emails. That is as descriptive as it gets sometimes, so the first thing I did was check their Mail Gateway which caches email if their Exchange server is not running. So I looked and there is nothing in the queues, so that tells me that things are making it’s way to Exchange.

I then go and open the Exchange Management Shell which will tell me really quickly if the problem is what I think it is. So I fire it up and here is what I get

Note: If you try to open the web console you may have similar issues.

Having seen this message before with this particular client I know now that I have a time sync issue on my hands.

The First thing I look at is the time on the Exchange server.

Then I check the time on one of the Domain Controllers which is the PDC Emulator.

Then I check one of the other Domain Controllers and I find this.

As you can see the time difference is greater than 5 minutes which will cause your Exchange Server to be very unhappy.

Once you fix the time issue you can then try to reopen the Exchange Management Shell and you will see that you can connect without an issue.

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thank you

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