After a Second read through…..

If you have read my previous post about this book found here you will know how much I liked this book. HOWEVER due to issues with needed to upgrade my VCP 6.0 to VCP 6.5 I needed to take a step back from my pursuit of the VCAP-DCD 6.5. Now that that is done with that,  I am now preparing again to sit for the exam. My first order of business was to reread this book again as I felt that it would be a better launching off point.

Like I said in my last review I really did like the book and how it was written. But on a second read through I found more mistakes than I did on my first go around. I have to say I am very disappointed in PACKT Publishing for allowing so many errors to make it to print. I am finding this more and more now with books that I read. It is as if they are more concerned with pushing the book out the door than actually putting out a quality product. Aside from spelling mistakes, there were a few instances with the book where a Diagram is supposed to be a certain color (which the author points out) but the picture is in Black and White, or the beginning of the chapter diagrams that are supposed to have a bold box around the section you are working on which is gray scale.

I used to see this a lot with Microsoft Press books back in the day. Which in my opinion was nothing more and a Sales Advertisement for other Microsoft Products.

As stated in my previous post, I do like that the publisher has a email link were you can send your issues to. I will definitely be using that to lodge my complaints and I will post an update if I get any feedback.

I still feel that this book is very well written and contains a lot of great information if you want to learn more about VMware Datacenter Design and I would still encourage you to pick it up if you are in the market for that.

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